Anto and the Kraken

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Anto and the Kraken

On the Isle of Beauty, during the Month of the Spider, in the third year of the Spider since the crowning of Ti Lau, Prince Ti Jun declared a competition.  Fishermen and adventurers were to capture riding whales; there would be a prize for each one brought to him.

On a far shore of the Isle, a poor fisherman and his family were eating their last loaf of stale bread and one small salted fish.  "This is our last loaf of bread" said the fisherman to his wife and children.  "Tomorrow I will go fishing."

Early the next morning he set sail with the tide.  As he headed for the shoals, an elegant sailing ship passed by.  "Hear Ye, Hear Ye!" the ship's herald said.  "Prince Ti Jun has declared a competition this day.  Those who bring him a riding whale will be handsomly rewarded!"

"Ah!"  said the fisherman.  "I shall bring the Prince a riding whale, and my family shall be fed through the winter."  And so, he sailed to the grand sea cavalry coral to meet with the treasure seekers.

The day wore on, and the competition began.  The poor fisherman saw a riding whale and moved to take it!  But he was thwarted by a boat full of treasure seekers, and then a Kraken arose from the waves!

The tentacles of the kraken were everywhere.  One grabbed the fisherman.  One grabbed the treasure seekers.  One grabbed a riding whale.  The poor fisherman feared his life would be lost.

But lo!  Brave Anto leapt from his fair ship and wrapped the kraken tentacle in a chain!  The kraken bit, but Anto dodged!  The kraken squoze, and Anto held fast!  The kraken swung, and Anto bravely withstood its blows!

At last, the kraken tired.  Anto blew it a great blow, and it sank under the waves.  Again the poor fisherman thought all was lost, but as the waves closed over his head a chain wrapped about his wrist.  It was Anto, and his kusirigama!  He pulled the fisherman from the waves and sent him home safe to feed his children and wife.  Forever the poor fisherman will be grateful to Anto.