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During the Chu Dynasty, the Mei family had one son and one daughter. The son (Mei Bi) was engaged to Chi Wei-lo, while the daughter (Mei Lie-he) was affianced to Bae Wah.

When Mei Bi became ill, Chi Wei-lo's widowed mother was concerned that she would have to pay the dowry only to have her son-in-law die of an illness soon after the wedding. She hatched a plan to send her own son (Chi O-yi), disguised as her daughter, to the Mei's. If Mei Bi's health did not improve within five days, Chi O-yi was to return home, and no dowry would be paid.

Since Mei Bi was too sick to spend the wedding night with his new bride, it was agreed that Mei Bi's sister (Mei Lie-he) would be disguised and secretly take his place.

Chi O-yi, still disguised as his sister, was smitten with Mei Lie-he, and took advantage of her that night in the bridal chamber.

When Bae Wah's father discovered what had happened, he became outraged, and filed a complaint with Prefecture Chief Xieyu.

After hearing from all parties, Prefecture Chief Xieyu decided to solve the problem by decreeing that Chi O-yi give up his betrothal to Qi Fah-ka, so that she could marry Bae Wah. Chi O-yi would then marry Mei Lie-he, and Chi Wei-lo would marry Mei Bi. And this is what is known as "arbitrarily filling out marriage contracts".