Beastmastery Detection Experiments

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This is a ritual to make one-shot items to detect beastmastered or otherwise mind-magicked people. I have confirmed that this is a power 5 ritual.

The items will be origami animals that can be burned & when you look thorough the smoke you can see mind influences on people. Either Cranes or Phoenixes. Crane is for sight, Phoenix for magic - Phoenix might object less to her image being lit on fire...

Nope, that doesn't quite work. The smoke flows towards anyone beast mastered in the area.

Invoke the Tao:

  • Int with Feng Shui to lay out the implements and materials. 1st person
  • Yang with Magic Ritual!
  • Wits with Perception to find and select the correct ones! 2nd person
  • Yin with Magic Ritual.

Invoke the Elements:

Spirits that seem appropriate to invoke include Bear, Dog, Crane, Magpie, Phoenix.

  • Place the paper into a metal frame to write on it. Magpie in some way?
  • Calligraphy to draw characters for sight, mind, etc. on the paper. Creation with Metal. (to make this metal use a metallic ink or metal stylus or stamp?)
    • Make this Creation with Earth by using charcoal or chalk to write with. Write signs for the Empire with explicit Dragon iconography.
  • Animal Handling to have a dog place a wet paw print on the paper. Control of Water (Wanted Dog cause he's one of the defending spirits.)
    • Make it a bloodhound.
  • Crumble up a stone and use the sand to dry the paper? Destruction of Earth.
    • Dismantle the frame. Destruction of Metal.
  • Origami to fold it into a paper crane (or phoenix). Transformation of Wood.

The dust goes into your eyes! Yang soaked by perception dice loss!

  • No longer any dust. Cut yourself on the metal pieces to soak the Yang.

The Yin goes into the crane!.

New Plan: 3 person ritual- The Artist, The Northerner, The Defender

The Artist rolls Int with Feng Shui and Yang with Magic Ritual to invoke the Yang & lay out the implements.

The Northerner comes in and messes with it.

The Defender uses Wits with Perception and Yin with Magic Ritual to find the correct implements in the mess & invoke the Yin.

The Artist uses Calligraphy to draw symbols for the Empire with dragon iconography using charcoal on the paper. The Northerner tries to distract with bird calls. The Defender quiets them somehow or covers the artist's ears. Creation with Earth

The Artist brings in a bloodhound, the Northerner tries to entice it away with food, the Defender makes an Animal Handling roll to have it place a pawprint on the paper. Control of Water

The Artist folds the paper into a crane using Origami, the Northerner uses a symbolic metal puppet to interfere, the Defender destroys the puppet. Transformation of Wood/Destruction of Metal.

The Yang is soaked by ? The Yin goes into the Crane.


Experiment 1: Invoking the Tao

Test 3x3 grid

Artist: Feng Shui/Ceremonies/Noble Lady Pastimes Northerner: Cats/Self/"beastmastered" guy Defender: Wits w/Per as either Find the Items in the mess/see the attack coming & block it/grab the important objects before attack arrives.