Book Eight Miniruns

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Among the possible miniruns: (though suggest what you'd like)

  • Salon in the Illuminated Precincts. This will be to finish the last of the favors on Chochiro's list. (Shen-Ji possible)
  • Puttering with urchins and dealing with Bobby Li.
  • Fox vs. Coyote grudge match.
  • Visiting the Countess and possibly the Sun (Master Zhou)
  • Talk to Hayato about a new Peace of the Lake ritual (Yanyu)
  • Get favors from four southern Dragon Army commanders (Southwest, Southeast, Highway, and Construction) plus the Bearers of Swift Response so that they will ask Da-Xie to voluntarily undergo the ritual to "fix" her. See Expatriatism log for more info. (Shen-Ji possible)
  • Get favors from one or more Regents. We can always use these given the plots we are involved these days; Shen-Ji specifically needs some to help the exiles from Expatriatism. (Shen-Ji possible)

Logs will be here eventually

Book Eight