Book Eight Miniruns

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Among the possible miniruns: (though suggest what you'd like)

  • Salon in the Illuminated Precincts. This will be to finish the last of the favors on Chochiro's list. (Shen-Ji possible, Cai Wen)
  • Puttering with urchins and dealing with Bobby Li.
  • Fox vs. Coyote grudge match.
  • Visiting the Countess and possibly the Sun (Master Zhou)
  • Talk to Hayato about a new Peace of the Lake ritual (Yanyu)
  • Get favors from four southern Dragon Army commanders (Southwest, Southeast, Highway, and Construction) plus the Bearers of Swift Response so that they will ask Da-Xie to voluntarily undergo the ritual to "fix" her. See Expatriatism log for more info. (Shen-Ji possible, Cai Wen)
  • Get favors from one or more Regents. We can always use these given the plots we are involved these days; Shen-Ji specifically needs some to help the exiles from Expatriatism. (Shen-Ji possible, Cai Wen)
  • Get a rock from the throne room. (Could be done as puttering?)

Lijuan would cheerfully join any of these except "get a rock" or "new Peace of the Lake ritual".

Takanata supports doing the Salon, and will be there if he needs to be, but it's not what he's most interested in. If the Fox vs. Coyote grudge match happens, he'd like to be there, but I'm not pushing for it to happen. He's psyched for getting a rock. He's ok with the others, except for Bobby Li.

Wei Han will join whatever he'd be useful for, given his current status.

Logs will be here eventually

Book Eight