Book Seven Miniruns

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Sign up for (if you want) up to two miniruns. (If you are dithering, or not sure if anyone wants to join you, you can include multiple options with question marks, but we urge people to eventually decide on the ones they want rather than making us do so.) There may be some miniruns which we already want to have (there's one to start with, but we might instantiate more as puttering starts up); we may list you in those, but will try to avoid making more than one run "required". List potential dates you can make, through September 9. If we can get everything done, we will start back up on September 12; if we have to push the minirun schedule later, we'll start on the 26th.

The GMs can make:
Weekends (including Friday evenings): August 1/2, August 22/23, August 29/30, September 5/6
Wednesday evenings: August 5, August 19, August 26
Monday evenings: August 17, August 31

If there is interest in a Puttering / Shopping Barbecue, we'll have one of those on a weekend day.


Player availability

Elizabeth/Yanyu: Available August 1st 1:30 to 7:30, August 23rd & September 5th 12-6 PM, Hoping to be out of town the 29/30. I can be available the other times the GMs are if there is a childcare swap or we run at my place.

Derrick/Shen-Ji: Any M/W/F evening, any weekend.

Charles/Sei-Lin: September 5/6 weekend and Monday August 17 are best. Weekend of August 22/23 probably works, but mom will be in town so I'd be bringing her. Aug. 28-31 mom & dad are both in town, so that probably doesn't work. Wednesdays have a standing conflict, but I could free one up if I had to.

Heidi/Lijuan: Unavailable Wednesdays and September 5/6

Conversation re Takanata

  • Kuan-Xi
  • Min Feng
  • Yanyu
  • Xiao Fa
  • Xian

Deal with Bobby Li

  • Lijuan
  •  ? other people excited about playing with urchins and/or making huge sacrifices to resolve tiny side plots.

Talk to the Forest of Chin

  • Lijuan
  •  ? other people interested in getting Monkey out of the cycle.

Find the Circle of Blood Again and learn (KS:)Blood Magic

  • Shen-Ji
  • Li Merit?

Go to Dragon's Throne and scope out Robbing The Cartogramancer

  • Sei-Lin
  •  ??? (Kasumi, are you in?)