Book Six Miniruns

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Defeat or repurpose the Demon of Animal Cruelty

Can we send it north of the Wall? Haydn (talk) 08:13, 20 June 2014 (EDT)

I think sending it to be cruel to someone else's animals is not the point, but if going north of the wall denatures it in some way then that's a good idea. --HeidiB (talk) 21:45, 22 June 2014 (EDT)

  • Lijuan (Interested, but prepared to handle this during puttering.)

Politics with supporters of the Bear Emperor

  • Lijuan (Not all that interested, but unlikely to deal with during puttering.)

Six Strength Sea Serpent

  • Lijuan (Woo! But this could happen during a run.)

Reconnaissance Against the North

We think another invasion is coming. We should see if we can find out more, probe their defenses, etc.

  • Shen-Ji
  • Wei Han
  • Takanata (Especially if it involves talking to Wolf/Wolf's team)

Talk to Dragon

  • Xiao Fa
  • Wei Han
  • Shen-Ji
  • Li Merit?
  • Takanata (Who doesn't want to do this?)

Mastering the White Pagoda's Senchi Chamber

What is the Senchi Chamber, and why would one want to master it?

  • Master Zhou
  • Xiao Fa

Help Min Feng and Xiao Fa have a date!

  • Cai Wen (Good dates don't just happen. They're carefully designed by your friends.)
  • Yanyu

Go shopping

  • Li Merit
  • Deng? (Not sure what level of shopping, but Deng can use more stuff)

Find Minions

Everyone needs good minions.

  • Li Merit
  • Takanata

Deal with Bandit Troubles in the northern Arcade

Since the mercenary House fell on hard times, the northern part of the Arcade has had troubles with trade routes. Magpie might give us some consideration for improving that situation.

  • Li Merit
  • Shen Wei Han
  • Cai Wen
  • Deng

Contact Shrouded Isle Shtick Sources

Li Merit has an agreement with one of their spy networks for an introduction to three shtick sources in exchange for information on the blockage schedule that we gave them a long, long time ago.

We just get introductions. Convincing the sources that they want to teach stuff is up to us.

  • Li Merit
  • Takanata

Do a Mission for Willow's Boss, so she'll help us with 'become emperor' mechanics

  • Takanata
  • Cai Wen
  • Deng?
  • Yanyu

Find Kawaii

Kawaii was left alone with the remnants of the Kali/Maya ritual. Where is she now? Hilarity ensues.

  • Lijuan (This is going to be funny. Share the joke?)

Deal with the Son of the Moon

...because Takanata told Yanyu to jump under that bus

  • Yanyu


Heidi/Lijuan: UNavailable Sundays, Wednesdays, and Mondays after Dragon parity Saturdays.

Derrick/Shen-Ji: Most days except Thursdays

Robert/Wei Han: Unavailable Mondays and Thursdays after Dragon parity Saturdays, some Sundays; others subject to childcare arrangements.

Charles/Takanata: Ugh. Well, most of my regular conflicts are a tabletop that one or both of the gms is in, so assume I'm busy all of those times, and probably not busy other times if you give me a week or two of notice.

Jerry: Available some Wednesdays (co-ordinated with Charles), and Mondays if necessary. Also Friday+Weekend is generally available.