Book Six Miniruns

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Defeat or repurpose the Demon of Animal Cruelty (Lijuan)

Politics with supporters of the Bear Emperor (Lijuan)

Six Strength Sea Serpent (Lijuan)

Reconnaissance Against the North: We think another invasion is coming. We should see if we can find out more, probe their defenses, etc. (Shen-Ji, Wei Han)

Talk to Dragon (Xiao Fa, Wei Han, Shen-Ji)

Help Min Feng and Xiao Fa have a date!

Go shopping

Find Minions

Deal with Bandit Troubles in the northern Arcade

Redeem a favor with the Shrouded Isle spy service for introductions to shtick sources


Heidi/Lijuan: UNavailable Sundays, Wednesdays, and Mondays after Dragon parity Saturdays.

Derrick/Shen-Ji: Most days except Thursdays

Robert/Wei Han: Unavailable Mondays after Dragon parity Sundays, some Sundays; others subject to childcare arrangements.