Book Six Miniruns

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Defeat or repurpose the Demon of Animal Cruelty

Can we send it north of the Wall? Haydn (talk) 08:13, 20 June 2014 (EDT)

  • Lijuan

Politics with supporters of the Bear Emperor

  • Lijuan

Six Strength Sea Serpent

  • Lijuan

Reconnaissance Against the North

We think another invasion is coming. We should see if we can find out more, probe their defenses, etc.

  • Shen-Ji
  • Wei Han

Talk to Dragon

  • Xiao Fa
  • Wei Han
  • Shen-Ji
  • Li Merit?

Help Min Feng and Xiao Fa have a date!

Go shopping

  • Li Merit

Find Minions

Everyone needs good minions.

  • Li Merit

Deal with Bandit Troubles in the northern Arcade

Since the mercenary House fell on hard times, the northern part of the Arcade has had troubles with trade routes. Magpie might give us some consideration for improving that situation.

  • Li Merit

Contact Shrouded Isle Shtick Sources

Li Merit has an agreement with one of their spy networks for an introduction to three shtick sources in exchange for information on the blockage schedule that we gave them a long, long time ago.

We just get introductions. Convincing the sources that they want to teach stuff is up to us.

  • Li Merit


Heidi/Lijuan: UNavailable Sundays, Wednesdays, and Mondays after Dragon parity Saturdays.

Derrick/Shen-Ji: Most days except Thursdays

Robert/Wei Han: Unavailable Mondays after Dragon parity Sundays, some Sundays; others subject to childcare arrangements.