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The Bureaucrat is one of the Marked, the Eight Legs of Aku, as seen in the world above.

He's the Lord Mayor of the Dragon's throne. He's also a eunuch.

In Testing,_One_Two_Three, Xiao Fa agreed with Lucky Chang that we would collaborate to take down the Bureaucrat during Book Ten. We should think about that.

Some assets:

  • The Illumineaucracy mechanic is the Mayor's Game; this can probably be either a distraction or a line of attack.
  • Some people we know who are either powerful bureaucrats or have significant bureaucracy skill/contacts:
    • Inspector Fu
    • River Ford / Hadisen
    • Fen-xi
    • Ando
  • When the Jade Taiga Renaming Ritual goes off, since it involves a meeting of the Regency Council (which is the Bureaucrat's job to manage for the Marked, so we hear), that may be a line of attack.