Changing the Wall part two

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This is not for discussion outside the party, at Shen Wei Han's request. I make the request out of a general sense of caution, not for any specific reason. Should you need to discuss it with somebody and not have time to talk to Wei Han, please use your judgement.

Out of respect for Master Zhou, please keep the fact that he is the source secret: I would rather consequences of our efforts fall on me than on him.


How it happened, and what is next

The Warlord struck Shen Wei Han with the sword of state during a party. As a result, the North Wall is now an enemy of the Empire.

I have served the Empire faithfully for years. I do not believe it is in the Empire's best interest for the North Wall to be an enemy of the Empire. At Dragon's suggestion, I have asked Master Zhou for help. Here is what Master Zhou says:

"You must remember, that what is important is not how the world sees you, but what you do to affect the world. If others cannot see the truth of your intentions, then your knowledge of that truth must suffice."

Master Zhou ponders for a few minutes.

"In order to show the world that you are not an enemy of the Empire, you must first have a stone from the Wall, and another stone from the center of the Empire-- the heart of the Jade Palace. You must complete eight tasks demonstrating different aspects of how you Defend the Empire, or are a Friend of the Empire, in spite of how you view certain members of the Empire, or how they view you. These tasks must be defined with one of each of the following pairs of attributes:

  • Physical, or. Non-physical (mental/social/chi/political) defending
  • People who think you are their enemy because of the effects of the Warlord's blow, or People of the Empire (e.g., not Northerners, not Coyote) who you think are _your_ enemy
  • An Individual, or Groups
  • The Material World, or the Worlds Above/Below/After

"No two actions should have the same combination of attributes, and you should try for as varied a set of actions as possible.

"The actions must be at least 14 successes. Others may help with the roll, or even perform the roll, as long as you are the focus of the action. The action must be significant and meaningful to the person/group you are defending/befriending, and they should be non-trivial for you to accomplish.

"For each of these actions, before and after, concentrate on the rocks and on why the person/being in question is part of the Empire and entitled to defense as such by the Wall, regardless of political or personal differences."


First is to acquire the stones. The stone from the Wall, I have gotten without important issue. Master Zhou did not specify that I had to acquire the stone from the Jade Palace, merely that I needed one.

Takanata, in his wisdom, observed that "the description given for the working requires a stone from the Heart of the Jade Palace, not simply the Jade Palace. Is that a meaningful distinction?"

He then goes on to ask "Assuming it is, Most Enthusiastic Li, could you consider whether the Heart of the Jade Palace is the Throne Room, where ever the Blue Dragon's Red Jade Key grants access to, or something else? And I suppose whether the first two are the same thing..."

Master Zhou's response:

"It is not any stone from the Jade Palace that will do; the heart of the Jade Palace is more specific than that. The Imperial Medicine Room might have something to do with hearts, but I am not certain that is quite right. I suspect someone will need to be Jade-District-level knowledgeable [15 successes] of Dragon's Throne to know the answer."

A stone from the Throne Room has been acquired and appropriate rituals done to place it into service. Wei Han has it.


Next is to come up with, and do, tasks.

Possible tasks

If you have ideas for tasks, please add them here.

Potential targets:

Inspector Fu

Most of the Marked (not Butterfly Prince)

Dragon Army Officers

Da Xie?

Lucky Chang

Actual tasks

  • Assisted Sima the Dark One, in combat while closing the hole to the stars, and while crossing the wall and back to not have the Walls annoyed at him.
  • Rescue Myamoto (the Trap of Five Rings)
  • Introduced Lucky Chang to people in the Plains.
  • Report to the Dragon Army commanders regarding changes to patrol routes.

Potential tasks

Things which could be applicable

  • Finding what is going wrong with the Dragon Army in the southeast, and assist (even if they don't know I did it).

Not tasks

Things which have been determined to be inapplicable

  • Rescuing Zhuai from Spider. Zhuai does not fulfill the "People who think you are their enemy because of the effects of the Warlord's blow, or People of the Empire (e.g., not Northerners, not Coyote) who you think are _your_ enemy" condition.