City of Spires

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Capital of the Jade Taiga, the city of spires is known for the impressive spires that give it the only real "skyline" of the cities of the empire. The skyline is marred by the remains of the Black Spire which burned almost 30 years ago.

The city is situated overlooking the Confluence of Perfection, the joining of the two great rivers of the world, the Jasmine River and the Pearl River.

Golden Spire

Within the city of spires is the Golden Spire, said to be the the tallest man-made structure in the empire. At the top is a meditation chamber renowned for its ability to allow one to commune with the great spirits of the Cycle.

Spire of Ink and Paper

A library. It's a few zhu to read a particular book (it doesn't charge admission, but people are looked at funny if they just come in and *don't* read anything), and there is also a service where you can pay to have a book copied for you for a li and some time.