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Come up with three examples of being disobedient, and three examples of being obedient. These can be in the past (since the psych lim) or present, or can be something she does in the future to fill in the homework.


  • Keeping my mouth shut at House Zhen when we were chasing bandits
  • Rabies treatment
  • Not killing Tai Lung's guys during the bandit conference


  • Putting the monkey whammy on the Warlord
  • Attempting to adopt a panda

In all cases, the "obedient" choice should be unpleasant in some way (taking the purgatives on time is unpleasant; maybe going along with the party plan to attack the random Northerner when Yoshi wouldn't like it made her feel bad...). The examples should vary somewhat.

Meditate on each choice (7 successes required with strong will and meditation) to consider:

1) Which choice was better for her? 2) Which choice was better for others? 3) Which choice would she have made if there had been no unpleasant consequences? 4) Which choice would she have made if the unpleasant consequences had been much much more severe (and what would that look like)?

If the meditation roll fails, come up with a different example.