Commander Candidates

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The six candidates for Commander of the NorthEast. In each group, there is probably one "grizzled veteran", one "political hack" and one "plant of the Obsidian Warlord". The local subcommanders are on the whole more corrupt, and on the whole more familiar with the local situation.

Local subcommanders

Wei Han thinks they've all thrived too well in the atmosphere Lo Ping created.

  • 1A
    • Chen thinks he has a heart condition
    • Wei Han thinks he is not a grizzled exterior concealing a heart of gold. He's a grizzled exterior concealing very little heart. On the plus side, he's probably least involved in actual bribery.
  • 1B
    • Chen thinks he's backed by the House of Gainful Protection
    • Chiyo thinks he's the political hack
    • Wei Han believes he took bribes, but didn't keep it all to himself. His troops had the best equipment.
  • 1C
    • Merit's buddy thinks he's the best tactician of the locals
    • Chen thinks he was passed over for the post of Sea Lord
    • Dragon thinks he is probably best for short-term tactical defense of the Empire
    • Wei Han thinks he holds grudges.

Non-local subcommanders

  • 2A
  • 2B
    • Commander Sun has worked with him and respects him.
    • Dragon thinks he is probably best for long-term health of the Empire
  • 2C