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You end up dividing them into Yang: personal ambition; Yin: loyalty to the Warlord; Chi: idealism, loyalty to the Army and the Empire


9 successes = four clarifications or small questions about Teng or Hsiao or Guan-pei and their relationship to this question

1) Does Teng have a particular personal ambition he wants to achieve?

Ascendancy over Commander Sun.

2) Were Hsiao's ambitions altered by the recent increase in Northern activity?

They enhanced and clarified his ambitions, rather than markedly altering them.

3) Is the Warlord aware Guan-Pei is anti-Yin?

Yes, though he thinks it is less than it is.

4) Are any of these three willing to actively sabotage other commanders for their ambition?

Guan-Pei might. Teng would not *intentionally* endanger the Empire, but it is possible that the rivalry might have side effects in that direction.


8 successes = four clarifications or small questions about Miyora or Chang Hu and their relationship to this question

1) Is Miyora likely to do something foolish to redeem his perceived failure with the blockade?


2) Is Chang Hu's reason more the "my honor demands loyalty" sort of Chi reason, or the "this is best for the Empire/Army" sort of Chi reason?

More the latter, but they aren't incompatible.

3) Is Miyora's Yang reason more gratitude for being promoted into his current position, or hope for future advancement?

Those are kind of the same.

4) Does the Warlord use Chang Hu for potentially-nefarious tasks more than he uses most of the other Commanders?

Yes, but more because the Roads command is more flexible in scope than the Wall commands.


8 successes = four clarifications about Yao, Sun, or Nori.

1) Are Nori's Yin reasons his wife, or something else?

His wife.

2) Is Yao more loyal to the empire, or the army?

The Empire; he thinks that places where that's an actual choice are a sad sign of the times.

3) What does "Chi for Yang reasons" mean, anyway?

He's not really an idealist, but he also has no patience for office politics. He trusts his own judgement more than anyone else's.

4) Do any of these three have alliances outside the army to advance the good of the empire?

Not officially. Yao has the party; Nori has his wife (and by extension, the Song of the Phoenix); Sun has a lot of old buddies (and the party).

None of them would think of that as an "alliance" per se. They also tend to think of it in terms of protecting the Empire rather than advancing the good of the Empire.