Conversations with Speedy

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For convenience, here are collected conversations with Speedy:

Conversation with Shen-Ji just after he was reconstituted:


Speedy!  Hello!  I hope you’re feeling better now!  Do you have any memories of your recent past?  I stayed in your shell recently while you were down in the World Below and figured you could use the help to reform.


Most gracious thanks for the spirit power. It would have take cycle upon cycle to return without the assistance. I am glad that my shell was of comfort to you, but there is no need to give more details than that, as it is distasteful to contemplate. I am at the service of you and your house, if there are some favors which I might perform. I do remember the events that led to my battle with the Black Lobster… and now that I come to contemplate them, I realize that while the Alchemist spoke truth when he told me the location of that most hated Lobster, he was not trustworthy in the aid that he promised me in my battle, for those protections faltered and died ere the battle’s end. It must have been his goal to have both of us strive unto the end against each other, equally balanced, rather than a victory for me. For that, I shall someday repay him. And the Lobster, who I bear equal enmity.


Ah, excellent, in that case, as I understand it, after your battle with the Lobster, the Alchemist came down and took a fragment of the Lobster’s shell for himself.  I am not sure if this is what he has used to give himself immortality, aid in his control of demons, both, or something else entirely.  Can you shed light on what he is using it for and how we might counter it?  I assume the obvious actions like taking it away from him could work, but I am hoping for something to counter its power while he still has it.

If you have any other suggestions about effective ways to counter or act against the Alchemist, I please let me know.  As I understand it, the remnants of the Lobster are still in the World Below and have not reformed (I hope that a dozen years of shell smashing contributed), so I don’t see a ready way to act against the Lobster for now.


I do not know what the Alchemist is doing, precisely, as I am not observing him. But as the Lobster’s domain is stasis, it may well be that he is using a portion of the Lobster’s power to preserve him in an unaging [state?]. Then there is a very very very very very long pause before Speedy continues. [If/When?] the Lobster returns, he may be able to help them regain some of his power. Or he may fall prey to the Alchemist again, for the Alchemist is powerful. But the Lobster is my enemy and I oppose his [reformation?]

Conversation with Speedy just after Doomhunter:

I am most grateful for your assistance against the Doomhunter. The Alchemist’s Sanctum Sanctorum was both observed and defended, and while I counted upon my natural speed to evade any targeted defenses which were in place, or outpace any pursuit, I had not expected that the legends and fables of the Doomhunter, spoken only whispers (or significant looks and no words at all) among spirits, were so grounded in truth. I am most sorry for your coming loss, that your friend the Blademaster drew the attention of the Doomhunter to himself, for while his martial prowess is most fierce, his abilities to evade it may not be as great as my own. I have promised to some of you a description of the Sanctum Sanctorum, and I assume that those who are present who were not part of that original bargain are here to share in the briefing with the agreement of those who made the original bargain?