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If you have money, and don't know what to do with it, this page might help.

So far, most shticks that can be plausible stuck into a magic item can be bought. So this list is not supposed to be a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point for getting ideas. Thus, it should include one example of a particular mechanic. If it starts to get too full to be useful, we should probably trim off the obvious things and only leave the surprising.

Where possible, note a price. Perhaps we can estimate the Shtick-to-Cost formula better than "quadratic or worse, maybe." Also, you can get a feel for whether or not you can afford something.

Just because an item exists, doesn't mean that it's easy to find. You putter to find stuff, and will often find something *similar* to what you are looking for. Sometimes, the similar thing is cooler than the original thing, so keep looking!


Items That You Can Probably Buy

Extra Dice:

  • Weapons that give extra dice on every attack. +5 dice costs ~40 li.
  • Clothing +3 to Charisma vs one person at a time ~35 li
  • Citron plant, x2 Charisma 1/run, vs the person you give a flower to ~15 li


  • Bracers of blunting metal -1 multiplier ~60 li
  • Cane of Free Action ~120 li


  • Books with +knowledge skills
  • +3 to KS 1/run, 6 skills initially undefined, roll as if you knew the skill ~8 li

Stat swapping:

  • Necklace of using CHA for Move, as long as most of your opponents can understand you ~35 li
  • Sneak attack items, use INT for attack if opponent isn't expecting it ~4 li


  • Monocle of seeing through an animal's eyes 22 li

EXP discounts:

  • Scrolls that you let you buy wrong-cycle-animal shticks for right-cycle-animal prices (expensive, probably increasing with the Tier of the shtick. 500 li gets you a set of five, varying from Tier 1 to 5. Considered Rare, but Merit has seen them.)

Things That Don't Exist, But Plausibly Might Have

Nothing here yet. I just think there should be a category for stuff we've hunted and hunted for, but cannot find.