Cup Of Five Virtues

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A tea house in the Port of Propitious Voyage, situated near an intersection of two thoroughfares, but set back somewhat from them. Ownership is shared between Cai Wen (5/12) and the proprietor, Boyuan Chashui (7/12). (Cai Wen's explanation of this--he thinks that it's safer if she's the majority owner, because he thinks that the party is more likely to have its assets confiscated than she is.)

The building was once known as the Fu Bar And Noodle House, a fact which led to some interesting shenanigans at the grand opening, wherein the heirs of Fu Manchu descended upon the House to hear his will read, in Noodles of Fu Manchu. In between these two names, there were a variety of businesses housed there.

An adjoining property contains a run-down house, apparently abandoned by its owners, which is presently occupied by urchins, and is informally known as the Rat's Nest.

The tea house has many rooms for private gatherings and conversations, and there are many secret doors between these rooms. The secret noodle recipe of Fu Manchu was found in a box buried in the basement. Who knows what other secrets are yet to be found?

There is a painting of Fu Manchu in the main room, which has wondrous powers; various people have laid blessings upon the House through it:

Fu Manchu
May you live in interesting times.
[If you look for a plot here, there will always be one. No guarantee it's something that you want!]
Wei Han
This place is under the protection of the Dragon Army.
No matter what plots happen here, may the secrets of the proprietors always be safe.
Precious Jade
May those who seek another find them here.
Fu Sen
May this place never be cheated in its business deals.
May this be an easy place for those touched by the Phoenix to work.
May there be no unwanted impropriety here.
Cai Wen
May this place be lucky for those inside.
May the tea bring health and healing to those in need.
May people who need help find it here.
May this place never lack flair and style.
May those who study magic here find insight.
Min Feng
May those who visit here be well-informed.
a nice watercolor of a port scene with some boats arriving, and a poem written down the side

Even the Sea Winds
That bring the trade ships to port
Speak well of this House.

The five virtues referred to in the name are: Quality, Service, Taste, Discretion, and Comfort.

One of the two thoroughfares is the Avenue of Abundant Prosperity.