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(A ritual developed by Master Bai to determine when a particular metalwork was forged)

Invoke the Tao, suggesting Time

  1. Invoke the Yang: A young man or woman (a Monkey or a Tiger) picks up the metal from the (pine) table where it lies. They "play" with the metal, tossing it in the air, running around with it, and generally acting young. 4 successes of Charisma with Acting needed from the youth; 4 successes Magic Ritual needed from the caster.
  2. Invoke the Yin: An old man or woman (a Serpent or a Tortoise), sitting at the table, cajoles the youth to stop messing around with the metal, and to give it to them. 4 successes of Charisma with Persuasion + Fast Talk needed; 4 successes Magic Ritual needed from the caster. The elder places the metal object in the center of the table, in an iron stand to make it stand upright

Invoke the Elements, suggesting Time

  1. A candle is lit (Creation of Fire), and stuck to the head of the table with only melted wax, so that the metal casts a long shadow. (4 successes with Dexterity and any candle-lighting skill)
  2. Using an obsidian knife (part of Control of Earth), the wood of the table is carved (Transformation of Wood) opposite the candle, like a sundial, with lines indicating the Cycles and the Great Cycles and the years. (4 successes with Accuracy and any wood-carving and artistic skill).
  3. A limestone bowl full of 20-winter aged brandy is poured in one careful motion onto the table (the rest of Control of Earth), so that it fills each carving but does not spill onto the floor (4 successes Dexterity). As the candle burns, the brandy will soak into the wood and vanish (Destruction of Water).
  4. As the candle burns, eventually the balance will be lost as the wax melts unevenly down the sides, and the candle will tip over onto the table, and the caster must quickly snuff it out before it rolls away or sets the table on fire (soaking the Yang). The final shadow (Yin) cast by the metal as the candle falls will indicate the length of time ago that the metal was forged.