Dice: Doubling, Adding, Splitting

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There's been some confusion about how "doubling" works compared to "adding" dice, and it's brought out some corner cases that we hadn't explicitly ruled on yet. So, for everyone's edification, when lots of different things are affecting how many dice you're rolling, here's the order to do them in.


0: Base stat.

You read it off of your character sheet.

1: Doubling (or other multiplying)

If you have a shtick which multiplies your dice, or are wearing a Talisman, that happens first.

If you have multiple effects doubling your stat, (such as a shtick which doubles your dice, plus the Talisman, or two separate shticks doubling the same stat), each "doubling" adds another multiplier to your base stat.

That is, combining multipliers is done additively, not multiplicatively. If you have two things giving you a x2 bonus, that's x3 overall, not x4.

2: Splitting

Normally you can only split an attack two ways; you may have a shtick which allows you to split your dice more than two ways. You can only split down to one die, so if you have a stat of four, you can't split your dice more than four ways.

So if you have a split-infinitely-ways shtick (step 2) and a shtick which doubles your dice (step 1), you can attack twice as many people as your base stat.

3: Adding

Shticks which let you add dice to a roll, and adding fortune dice to a roll, happen after doubling and splitting. You may only add dice to multiple different rolls in a split (that is, use the shtick multiple times in the same action) if the shtick which generates the additional dice is frequency 6. (Items which don't have a frequency mentioned are probably frequency 6; ask if it's not clear in a particular case).

4: Capping

The number of dice you can use in a single roll (whether you've split your dice or not) is capped at twice your base stat (step 0). Unless you spend karma.

If you are wearing a Talisman, this cap is increased to three times your base stat rather than twice.