Doing right

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After Shen Wei Han did some tasks for Master Zhou for enlightenment, Master Zhou told him this:

"First, you must learn of righteousness.

"Lo Ping once aspired to do right. But then being right became more important to him than doing right, and after that appearing right became more important to him than than being right. This is a path that it is easy to walk down, and it is one that you are in danger of following yourself.

"To see one's self in this way is not easy; it requires being able to set aside the view of self that is cultivated over years. In your case it may be even more difficult, as your nature has been one of constancy, and defense. But as the times change, we must each learn to change in response. Not as the leaf, blown here and there on the slightest wind, but as the oak, growing into the oncoming wind with roots deep in the earth, so that it may withstand the storm.

"To change from this path requires choosing to do right with the knowledge that one might be wrong; choosing to be right without needing to be known as right.

"Do you understand?"

Wei Han's response was "Understand? I hear you, Master Zhou, but understanding will take time."

Master Zhou's response was "Indeed. But mindfulness is the beginning of understanding. As you proceed, question your actions; if you find yourself unclear as to which path you are walking, intentionally or not, come and speak to me, or another whose judgment you trust [especially as Tom is fairly hosed...], and we may discuss the matter further."