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In general, Kingdom C’s people seek a simple life of solitude, privacy, and peace.

Kingdom C has a border dispute with Kingdom L.

Kingdom C and Kingdom P jointly administer the region immediately surrounding Temple X, which lies on their border. Temple X is a favorite destination for pilgrims from Kingdom Z, and recently Kingdom C and Kingdom P have been cooperating (some might say "colluding") to extract as much tourism revenue as possible from Z pilgrims. King Z of Kingdom Z has been lodging ever more strident protests, but Kingdoms C and P have grown increasingly dependent on squeezing as much money as possible out of the pilgrims. The situation is further exacerbated by the widespread perception by Kingdom C that the culture of Kingdom Z mistreats Z women. (On the other hand, Kingdom C considers that Kingdom L's near-equal treatment of women is an unreasonable rejection of the wisdom of traditional family roles.)

Kingdom C also deplores the practice of indentured servitude (especially common in Kingdom B), and has centuries of history of being defeated in war by Kingdom S, and often are paying annual tribute to Kingdom S.

The people of Kingdom C believe they have a special connection to the natural world, and are troubled by some of the activities of their neighbors in damming rivers, building roads, and otherwise damaging the feng shui and flow of chi, with repercussions for Kingdom C. It is also widely believed that Kingdom S designs public works projects to deliberately funnel corrupted chi into Kingdom C, weakening them for future military attacks. Kingdom C has been advocating that the Regency Council gain more authority to enforce good feng shui practices throughout the Empire.

One more recent incident has contributed to tensions between Kingdom C and Kingdom L, adding to the ill will arising from the border dispute. A melon farmer from Kingdom C was involved in a collision between his cart of melons and the cart of a farmer from Kingdom L. Some of the melons were damaged, and the melon farmer's mule has been very skittish ever since, and as a result is of far less value to the melon farmer. Kingdom C has lodged a formal complaint with the Court of Kingdom L, charging the L farmer with incompetence and negligence, and seeking compensation for the melon farmer's losses.