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Long ago, it is said that the mighty Dragon united the Twelve Kingdoms, ordered the building of the walls, and forged what is now referred to as the Dragon Empire. Who the dragon was, or where he came from is lost to antiquity, but he was said to be a man of vast strength and personal power, as well as possessing the true wisdom and insight of the Enlightened.

As an immortal, he ruled the empire for countless years, until, weary of this world and seeking further challenges, he named a successor to the Dragon Throne and vanished.

The Dragon created the Empire from what was. But His raw material was neither the crude matter of its walls, or the fierce spirit of its people. He created the Empire directly from the Chi, manipulating the Tao itself on an almost unimaginable scale. The very laws of the world bent around His will, resulting in all that is.

When the Dragon let Phoenix take Whale's place in the Cycle 650 years ago, he opened the door for Spider to take his place 156 years ago. Dragon is currently enwebbed in the Spider's Citadel in the World Above.

If this Great Cycle completes with the Spider still in the Cycle, Spider will get to stay.