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Charles/Takanata's take on Dragon's Progress as of 8/14/2016 Feel free to update, but please update the date, as well. [NB: As of 11/12/16-ish, the GMs suggested that this could use some reviewing for errors, so don't count on its accuracy.]

1) Ritual - I don't know that he has one, but I've never seen this as a huge stumbling block, and hopefully he's on it. Xiao Fa, can you check?

2) Permission:

  • Bear: We have Lijuan
  • Dog: We don't have anything official. Possibly he has cut a deal with Dog for permission in Reckoning, or he'll just give it
  • Crane: We have the Talisman
  • Tiger: Nothing I know of. Talisman back with the King of the Plains of Honor.
  • Tortoise: Nothing I know of. Talisman with Autumn Rose, we think?
  • Monkey: We have the Talisman
  • Butterfly: We have the Talisman
  • Phoenix: We have a promise of the Talisman when needed, and maybe she'll just give permission
  • Serpent: We have the Talisman (and Shuyan)
  • Fox: Cai Wen, do we have a formal deal with the Pearl, or just good relations?
  • Spider: Nothing I know of. Talisman ??? Not required if he's the target
  • Magpie: We have the Talisman

3) Kar Fai has Dragon's Talisman.

GM note: Favors that the party has are listed in Party Loot.

4) Assuming the Salon during miniruns finishes the favor from the Mayor, we think we have:

  • Bear Mountain: Favor with Lord Yu
  • Steppes: Favor with the King
  • (Whatever Roof of the World is called now): Favor with the King
  • Plains of Honor: Favor with the King
  • Illuminated Precincts: Favor with the King
  • Forest of Chin: Favor with the Warlord
  • Butterfly Meadows: Favor with the King
  • Shrouded Isle: Wasn't on Chochiro's list, so we think it must be checked off? Kuan-Xi, do you know how?
  • Strand: No idea. Maybe Chochiro got this while we were doing her list, maybe not.
  • Taiga: Favor with the King.
  • Dragon's Throne: Favor with the Mayor
  • Arcade: Also checked off on Chochiro's list, do we know how we got this?

5) Great Tag: I don't think we have this, unless the name "Dragon's Throne" counts, and while it probably would if we'd done it for this working, given that we did it as part of the Free Dragon working, I doubt we can count it here. We have this through renaming Dragon's Throne.

6) Power over the Target: Nothing for Spider. We've got a lot of Talismans, though...

7) Great Change in the World: I got nothing. This is likely another ritual? Or possibly a deal with one of the big elemental spirits? Doing two major rituals at once would be rough.

8) A Change in the World Above: I'm assuming Dragon will take care of this himself, but if Xiao Fa can check that he's allowed to do that without being paid for it, that would be good.