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  • Drink some sake to go with Lijuan passing out pork buns
  • Drink when Shen-Ji damages another member of the party
  • Earnestly pour your drink out when Master Zhou trains you, unless the training is in your concept, in which case drink it.
  • Drink when your character shows up in any type of prophetic art
  • Drink when Deng accidentally kills someone the party wasn't sure was a bad guy
  • Clap loudly and have a drink to celebrate Kasumi's "ta-da!"
  • Drink the person sitting next to you's drink when Xian confounds someone
  • Raise a glass for a toast whenever Yanyu matches up a couple
  • Drink when someone mentions that they thought Li Merit was retired (retired from what? anything)
  • Drink when Xiao Fa fixes corruption or damage on you, as a reminder that you should work harder in making that not happen
  • Pat Cai-Wen on the back and share a drink with him when he gets a new moll
  • Drink in sympathy for Wei Han when he has a feeling that something bad happened on or to the wall
  • Drink for a fun spending spree whenever Kuan-Xi takes you shopping
  • Drink if Shuyan uses a snake to help someone who initially freaked out about the snake. Chug if it was you.
  • Drink when Ming Feng gets a new title. Chug if it's a nobility title.


  • "Social!" when there's a reading of the Signs of Toro
  • Down your drink when a plot that's been around for more than a chapter gets finished
  • Everyone chugs when a country gets renamed
  • Have a sip when a discussion about whether or not Ezokin is a bad guy occurs
  • Chug when you get a new shtick source
  • Have a very dignified drink when you travel via the carriage
  • Drink when your name shows up on a scoreboard, and sip when your score on it changes
  • Drink when you defeat a Marked. Drink twice when a Marked defeats you.
  • Drink if your aspect or concept changes
  • Take a sip for each karma you spend
  • Drink when you make a deal with a spirit or demon. Drink twice if it's a cycle spirit.
  • Have a drink when re-entering the empire (e.g. back over a wall), to celebrate being back in civilization
  • Buy a round for the rest of the party if you're the one who says kraken the third time
  • Sneak a quick drink if the GMs pull you out to the hallway for a side conversation
  • Drink if your joke gets put in the log
  • Drink a drink you've never had before when you designate an inherent skill
  • GMs drink when they add to or change the world map