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Ebyohim (aka peasant's ginseng) is a perennial flowering plant native to the northern Honeth Arcade, eastern Qin Chao, and probably the Hidden City. It is usually found growing around stream banks and forest openings under the shade of trees.

The plant is shrubby and dense and has a tendency to climb, producing heart shaped leaves, light green five-pointed bell-shaped flowers with prominent yellow or light purple veins. Ebyohim can grow up to two or three bu in height with roots one to three cùn thick.

Ebyohim root is used to lower blood pressure, increase blood volume, stimulate appetite, and replenish chi. The roots are harvested from the plant during the third or fourth year of growth and dried prior to use. Its pejorative nickname, "peasant's ginseng", is quite undeserved, as its efficacy nearly matches that of ginseng while being significantly gentler in nature, making it highly appropriate as a component of sophisticated formulas requiring ingredients that play well with others.