Eternal Flame

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Eternal Flame Ritual

Before the ritual begins, place the sconce on the ground in the shrine, fill it with small amount of alcohol and ignite it.

Pick up the sconce and Invoke the Yang while adding more alcohol to the sconce. Six successes needed on an Accuracy roll with Firetending to bring the size of the flame up and then a Yang roll with Magical Ritual.

Invoke the Yin while adjusting the configuration of the sconce (angle of flanges, air intakes, etc) to produce a smooth-burning, uniform cone of flame. Six successes needed on a Dexterity roll with Sleight of Hand/Sculpting and then a Yin roll with Magical Ritual.

This gives direct connections to the flame and the sconce, which should be sufficient for a ritual of this size.

The actions and elements then signify the creation and eternity of the flame:

  1. Creation of Metal: While holding the sconce, assemble the metal stand (parts are preplaced) that will hold the sconce inside the shrine. Six successes on sculpture, metalworking or engineering. The stand has a set of differently shaped slots on its sides to hold a set of 6 small gems (see next step). The ritualist continues to hold the sconce in one hand during the rest of the ritual.
  2. Seeking of Earth: Start with a preplaced wooden bucket, filled with water, a large number of stones and 6 gems. The ritualist must pull out six and only six objects (the 6 gems) without looking in the bucket by determining/feeling the correct shapes by the slots on the stand (which he can see after step 1). He then puts the gems into the correct slots. Six successes on some sort of reasoning/deduction skill or some perception (touching) skill.
  3. Transformation of Water: Sprinkle droplets of water from the bucket on the flame and boil them away without extinguishing it. Six successes on cooking.
  4. Destruction of Wood: Feed bits of wood from the bucket to the flame and have them destroyed by it. Six successes on woodcarving.

The ritualist then inserts the sconce in the holder, emplacing the eternal flame in the proper place and ending the ritual.

The Yang energy is used to power the flame and the Yin energy is soaked.

Ritual Hints

  • It would be good to make the invoking the Yang and Yin steps more strongly Yang and Yin-ish. Those are the weakest correspondences. (Puttering from 3/3-3/17)