Great Bazaar

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The Bazaar in the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival, the largest center of trade in the Empire, is a great plaza full of impermanent structures - tents, portable stalls, carts, people carrying their wares with them. The central ring, fifty paces across, is inlaid with a mosaic, depicting a map of the Harbor itself; the place on the map where the Bazaar itself is, is a mosaic in much tinier stones, the size of beads, and the place where the map is is a tiny inset multicolored speck, with details too fine to see.

The only actual permanent structure in the Great Bazaar is the House of the Master of Trade, a stone building placed just outside the central ring; this is where the records and record keepers are kept and the adjudicators of commercial business, and there is a constant flow of traffic in and out. It is said that if the doors of the House of the Trade Master ever stay shut for more than a minute, the harbor itself will run dry (sort of like the lights all being out in the Green Building).