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* Xian: 2
* Xian: 2
* Xiao Fa: 0
* Xiao Fa: 0
* Zhi-Hao: 0
* Zhi-Hao: 1
* Master Zhou: 0
* Master Zhou: 0

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Points earned with the Very Large Horse Spirit during the Month of the Spider and later, which can be redeemed for valuable horsey prizes.

  • Anto: 1
  • Cai Wen: 1.4
  • Kasumi: 0
  • Kuan-Xi: 0
  • Lijuan: 1
  • Min Feng: 4
  • Shen-Ji: 1
  • Shuyan: 0
  • Takanata: 2
  • Wei Han: 0
  • Xian: 2
  • Xiao Fa: 0
  • Zhi-Hao: 1
  • Master Zhou: 0

Some Horse Shticks

One thing that you can generally do with Horse Points is to Name a horse (1 point) and buy shticks for it (2 for typical shticks). Here are some ideas which were vetted as "reasonably plausible":

  • Well Trained--Riding and horse-assisted maneuvers can be done with Mind or Social dice, rather than Body or Reflexes.
  • Kite--Rider makes a taunting-type maneuver against target(s), and if successful, the target(s) have to chase the rider for at least the next action. (Probably has to beat them on a standard resolve-type roll? Kicking up dirt into someone's face and getting them to chase you seems like a classic horsey move.)
  • Horse Sense--Extra dice pool for perception when riding, or dice bonus to perception when riding.
  • Pathfinder--If I blaze a trail through some kind of hazard (swamp, tangly web, terrain type bandit, caltrops, etc), anyone who follows the same path can take the same damage/etc as me, rather than making their own rolls.
  • These Colors Don't Run--Protect friendly horses from panic and distraction-type effects.
  • Gallop--Get some kind of move every action, even if you don't have an action. (Or a version of gallop that increases your move, but only when you have an action. Or could also be drift-based.)
  • Dust and Thunder--When not closely observed, this horse can simulate a bunch of horses. (Dust=the classic huge dust cloud con; Thunder=the making lots of noise con.)
  • Steely Gaze--This horse can make presence attacks against other horses.
  • Blitz--You always get a surprise round.
  • Ever Ready--This horse is always saddled up, nearby, and ready to go, if at all plausible. You just need to whistle. (It's not in jail with you, but it is right around the corner when you break out. In an emergency it might distract the jailors, but it can't teleport into jail for you to use your horse-riding skill to get out. It does need a plausible place to be lurking.)