House of Exuberant Interference

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Official members of the House

Head of House: Li Merit

Other PC Members: Anto, Shuyan, Cai Wen, Kasumi, Yanyu, Deng

Notable NPCs:

  • Chashui is similarly-ranked with the PCs (i.e. has a vote if things come to a vote) and has the right to veto an action; if we don't agree afterward that the veto was reasonable, she has the right to leave the House along with full ownership of the Cup of Five Virtues.
  • Inokora Izumi is the chief of House guards. She is a former Dragon Army officer. She has a squad of ex-Dragon Army soldiers who served with her.
    • Kong Pei and his squad report to Izumi.
  • Shanxi commands a special ops squad.
  • Merit recruited a lot of old buddies (7 karma...) to form the initial rank and file of the House.
  • Tai and some other Street Children have been recruited with an eye to training them as an official courier service.
  • Namura Hayato, once the worst playwright ever, is the official playwright of the House.

Patron Spirit: Speedy, a Snail Spirit of Speed and Time

House Stats

See GreatHousesMechanic

House Actions Log

Assets of the House

  • The Cup of Five Virtues
  • The Merit Trade Company
    • Pork Bun Stand Butterfly capitol, 15 li
    • Pork Bun Stand Port of Auspicious Voyage, 15 li
    • Pork Bun Stand Harbor of Fortunate Arrival, 15 li
    • Nebulous Real Estate Gate of Shen, 245 li
    • Courtesan's Kimono 499 li
    • Iron Mountain Real Estate, nebulous 499 li
    • Deposit with House of Judicious Increase 500 li
    • Exalted Library Restaurant 300 li
    • Deposit with House of Judicious Increase 2000 li
  • The House HQ is named Tahiti, a Magical Place, and is a Country Estate with these adjectives: Fabulous, Defensible, Magical, Propitious, Prosperous.
    • A d12 Butler (as in House of Butler) and a d8 Butler Apprentice
    • One Kuan-Xi Water Gate, other end in the Suzuki Estate on the Shrouded Isle
    • One Kuan-Xi Water Gate, other end in the Three Pagodas area of Bear Mountain
    • A room furnished to Xiao Fa's specifications suitable for healing potion rituals

More information on the Tahiti Water Gates.

Notes on House formation

Assets which were declared at House formation time:

  • Several PCs (+2 Chi, +1 Inf, +1 Mil at House creation time. Note that the head of the house does not contribute to stats, so had it been Cai Wen, I think the +1 Inf would have turned into +1 Res.)
  • 100 Tael (the credit chit from the Imperial Job, which was presumed very hard to spend otherwise. Spending it in this way is one of the best ways we found to "launder" it; the King of the Arcade probably noticed something, but it should be hard for anyone else) (+2 Res)
  • The Merit Trading Company (+3 Res)
  • The Cup of Five Virtues (+2 Inf, +1 Chi)
  • Based on Zhuai's advice, we spent about 20 tael paying off debts of various people in the Arcade, gaining an Influence point for it (+1 Inf)
  • A Patron Spirit, named Speedy. Speedy is a Snail Spirit (of Speed and Time), whose story was learned by Shen-ji in Left Behind. We pumped him up with 2 points of spirit power, and in return, he will be the Patron Spirit of the House for some time (possibly Merit's lifetime; TBA). (+2 Chi)
  • 30 Tael spent on recruiting more guards (+1 Mil)
  • The blessing of the House of Benevolent Oversight (+1 Inf)
  • Inokoru Izumi and her squad (+1 Mil)

Some possible future plays for stat increases:

  • Water Gate Network
  • Converting 8 Bear/Horse points to a point of Chi