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An incomplete list of readings done with Yanyu's Identity shtick. It's a lot like Takanata's Connections Readings, but all the facts must be about a single person.


Book 2

Post Phoenix Hearth

  1. Mola Ram is a servant of Kali
  2. Mola Ram has been involved in previous grand rituals involving the Teng twins
  3. Mola Ram intends to do another ritual at midwinter
  4. Mola Ram knows the name of the spirit of the Pearl River
  5. Mola Ram's plans for the next ritual will not be thwarted if Teng Hiroki is north of the wall at midwinter
  6. Mola Ram intends to summon one or both of the Teng twins to the ritual site.

Post River Befouled

  • Zhao Feiyan is married to Zhao Wu, the Master of Horse of the Jade Taiga
  • Zhao Feiyan is also known as "The Pearl of the Taiga"
  • Zhao Feiyan possesses the Great Talisman of the Fox
  • Zhao Feiyan understands that the Fox Talisman enhances the wearer's Charisma.
  • Zhao Feiyan considers the Fox Talisman to be one of her most valuable possessions.

All of the above are true.

  • Zhao Feiyan understands that the Fox Talisman is a unique item.

More or less. (She thinks it's probably one of a matching set of twelve items, for one thing. And she doesn't have the deep understanding of the universe to understand why it is precisely impossible for there to be more than one Fox Talisman - or less than one.)

Post Compass Rose

  1. Autumn Rose is the Cartogromancer's daughter
  2. Autumn Rose replaced the sigil on the Hunter's Map with her own
  3. Autumn Rose paid for her ninja with newly minted coins
  4. Autumn Rose knew of Zhu Cai Wen by name before talking to the party
  5. Autumn Rose is a collector of Names
  6. Autumn Rose needed to return to the Hidden City before she was absent long enough for it to be noted by one or more of the marked.