Illuminated Precincts

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The Illuminated Precincts of the southeast coast sit at the outflow of the Jasmine River, and a series of canals connect nearly all of the low-lying kingdom with the many-branched river delta. The canal-filled City of Light is the capital, on an island at the conflux of the river and the sea; many of the smaller cities are on islands of their own as well. The warm climate of the Precincts is conducive to a wide number of fragrant flowering vines, which are often encouraged to grow up along the sides of buildings.

The Precincts are home to many masters of the harder arts, such as architecture, fireworks construction, and astrology, as well as riverboat construction and more cloistered academics, and is the site of the Exalted Library.


The King of the Illuminated Precincts (sometimes a Queen, but currently a King) is a hereditary post, though the monarch does get to choose which child or children to groom for the post, it need not be the firstborn. This is one of the few privileges of the ruler that the Council of Revered Sages does not get a veto over. (In the past, who the heir was was a secret held by the Sages until the death of the ruler, but that custom has lapsed). The current King is Xiang Yu, Highest Wisdom of the Illuminated Precincts. He's in his late sixties, and has ruled for about twenty years. As with most Precincts rulers, he started out as essentially a figurehead, but he has grown in political ability and negotiation skill and is now has about as much power as one of the Sages.

Members of the Council of Revered Sages have individual veto power over policy.

Former Name: Tortoiseshell Precincts