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Cai Wen (with Li Merit's help) wrote the following report for Commander Sun's perusal, after the interrogation of Iala Mane in Sands of Blood. 10 successes on the report to keep the not-mentioned things from being noticed as missing, and to lead to the desired conclusions.

The bullet list:

No references to Kar Fai, or the Spider plot.

What the prisoner said:

  • Gives his name as Iyalamanay
  • He is a servant of Ratri, the Southron Goddess of the Night
  • He is opposed to Kali's plan because Kali plans to "replace the Empire's Gods" and then use power from the Empire to overthrow the other Southron gods
  • The other Southrons in the fight where he was captured were from Mola Ram; that they were specially prepared to be invisible to the Empire's defenses; and that he crossed the wall specifically to draw those defenses to the other Southrons
  • Specifically, that Mola Ram's ritual "erases the soldiers from the map of the worlds"

Cai Wen's opinions:

  • He's not actually Mola Ram, though people in the Savanna seem to be confused about that.
  • Didn't think he was lying about working for Ratri, and I think he *believes* this stuff about replacing "our Gods" (which Cai Wen thinks means "the Cycle Spirits") and is afraid of it.
  • Couldn't really tell if he was telling the truth about why he crossed the Wall, though we saw Mola Ram walk right through the Wall once, so all of the stuff about a ritual to make soldiers invisible to the Empire's defenses seems plausible.

The stage notes:

I want the "erasing people from the Map of the Worlds" to be noticed. So it should be repeated as a direct quote a few times, with an obvious writer's sense of "this sounds important, but I don't know what to make of it." I have intentionally left out the bit where he told us that it will take some time to prepare more soldiers to come across the wall. These two things are the gambit to get the Marked interested--first, pique the Cartogramancer's interest, and second, show a clear and present danger. A reader with a lively imagination should be filling in disturbing dots.

A general sense of skepticism about the prisoner and Southron God politics in general is meant to disguise the fact that we made friends with him and he told us a bunch of stuff freely.

Hopefully, since we're not actually putting any false truths in here, just emphasizing some things and leaving others out, Commander Sun won't be too misled.