Jade Taiga Renaming Ritual

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The Black Spire, before it burned down, was called the Jade Spire, and belonged to the Empire.

The Immortal Sage commented thusly: It is, perhaps, a little obvious to center the Working on a Spire, but there is a symmetry to it, and a rightness. It will mean that the plan may be more obvious, however. The Chi of this country has been turned inward, away from the Empire as a whole, so it is that bond which must be reforged.

Build a Spire, or buy one with no notable history. Name it something dull and long-winded.

Building or transferring a suitable Spire is rare; happens once every few years. Building requires royal permission (Probably a favor + a respectable plan).

Cost of building or acquiring is likely in the 5-15 tael range.

Arrange to have three or more separate Imperial offices take residence, or open a "branch office" in the Spire. The Dragon Army, the Imperial Tax Service, the Imperial Spy Service - any number of these services have headquarters outside the Throne, though convincing them to share their address may be difficult.

Some ideas:

  • A Dragon Army subcommand. Candidates are:
    • Construction -- Mushashi Nori
    • Roads -- Chang Hu
    • Rivers -- Ning Guan-pei
  • An official office of the Regency Council (probably hard; see below)
  • Imperial Spy Service
  • Imperial Tax Service
  • Imperial Cultural Office (acquires good stuff to adorn the capital)

Arrange to have an edict passed by the Regents, after a majority of the votes have been garnered in the Spire, rather than in the Throne. Having the Taiga Regent in residence and issuing invitations will likely be key here, though he will not count as an Imperial Office unless you somehow manage to convince the majority of the Regency Council to meet in the Spire.

Regents occasionally meet outside the Dragon's Throne, but meetings of 3 are rare and meetings of more than that are epically rare. Presumably if any Regent entertains other regents frequently, it would be the Taiga Regent.

Outwardly decorate the tower with some iconography or statuary of the Dragon, such that the populace 'naturally' begins to call it the Dragon Spire, or the Tower of the Dragon, or something like. I do not say that you cannot help the populace along with this naming, but it is important to have it appear to arise from the people of the Taiga, rather than be imposed by outsiders (even Imperial outsiders), or be an official name.

Sounds like what I need here is an architectural masterwork...

Finally - and this is the place where you should seek to have a spirit make a change in the World Above if you so wish - ground the Imperial nature of the spire into the Fox-nature of the Taiga, with a great speech given from the steps of the Spire, to mark something of sufficient note." (Charisma plus Chi, using both Oratory and Chi Mastery (and possibly other skills, if relevant.) Aspire to 20 successes.)

Well, there it is. I can certainly give a speech.