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A group of thieves who steal impressive treasures and hide them away, against the day that the Dragon Emperor returns. They were paid to steal the Butterfly Treasures in Ship of Gold, replacing them with mediocre forgeries (this last part is apparently not part of their normal procedure). Each thief carries a treasure from the Hoard, including

  • a bag of coins, which shout like an angry mob (Li Merit arranged to borrow this for a month)
  • a rabbit's foot, enabling fleeing at great speed
  • a wooden comb, causing a magical link to the person whose hair is in the comb
  • a set of ebony lockpicks

Some Keepers of the Hoard so far encountered are:

  • Whisper, Wing, Scyne, and Trivance (the thieves in Ship of Gold)
  • Merchant Siri, who apparently belongs to them, later stole one of the treasures from the Savanna Ambassador who was guarding it (mentioned in Whispered Secrets), and then (presumably) stole it again later after Sands of Blood.