Keeping Ya-Zeyu in a golden domicile

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The Sovereign was given birth in the Hall of the Tractile Orchid on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month in the year of the rooster beneath the second stem. When he was four years old, he was made Patrician of Zeyutu Huaicai. When he was not yet that old, Senior Princess Mei Beyu sat him on her knee and inquired, "Would you desire to have a wife?" The Patrician of Zeyutu Huaicai stated, "Yes, I would desire a wife." Senior Princess indicated the hundreds of attendants on her left and right, but the prince said no to each of them. The final one she directed him to was her own daughter, "Is Ya-Zeyu all right?" asked the Senior Princess. The Patrician smiled and said, “It is well! If I can have Ya-Zeyu for my wife, I should construct a golden domicile where I may keep her.” And this is what is meant by “keeping Ya-Zeyu in a golden domicile.”