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A scion of House Tokai, Kiyasa left the Butterfly Kingdom at the age of about 18, shortly after her father died and her brother, Hiakana, took over the House. Kiyasa became a monk of the High Path. She lived most of her life at a monastery in the Forest of Chin, until leaving there approximately ten years ago (at the ripe old age of 73) on a pilgrimage to the Roof of the World. The pilgrimage never arrived, and the last letter anyone in the family ever received from her placed her sailing upriver through the Jade Taiga, apparently quite enjoying her travels.

She visited the Temple of the Invisible Wind in Roof of the World and received a quest, which took her to the village of Grey Slopes. She devised a plan to save it from the Ice Wyrm which was plaguing the village, but was killed in the process. Resides in the Palace of Willful Harmony in the World After.