Kuan-Xi's Guide to Sorcerers

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  • Shen Gao - The municipal sorcerer in the Dragon's Throne
  • Aoki Tadako - Weather sorcerer, super Shrouded Isle patriot, not fond of Dragon Army
  • Ni Junxian - Eternal Braid
  • Yun Ling - master water sorcerer who works for the Port of the City of Light, can make bubbles to protect things from water damage
  • Okura Yosai - The Firelord's guy
  • Great Wave Tseng - City of Light
  • Ho Kuan-Xi
  • Cao Caihong - from Grata, the Green Duke's water sorcerer





Notes and other sorcerers

  • Hao Hento - ritualist for the Upward Line (no element listed in log)
  • Jia-Jia - Shen-Ji's daughter, pictomancer(what element is that?)
  • Sa Zhenren - the only sorcerer known to use lightning (under consideration)
  • The Purple Duke's mage, a swamp sorcerer (water/wood)

Note that the Firelord has one of each kind of sorcerer at his court, but we only know one of their names.