Lady Inoue Sakura

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A resident of Nine Terraces. After having her secret revealed by Meng Ao, she cursed him so that his visions would be Always On, which has been driving him mad.

Some attempts by Cai Wen to research this at a party in Nine Terraces, based on the assumption that the above is correct:

Some gentle fishing about her secrets at the party turns up that her husband has drastically reduced her allowance, indicating that there is some sort of discord between them; that's a mild but interesting secret.

She is not known as a giver-out of curses or any sort of weird shit like that. She's in her early thirties, married for about fifteen years to Lord Sakura, both her elder and superior in title, giving her a reasonably high place in Strand society. She's not known to have feuds or vendettas, and the general belief is that she does not have the strength of a hidden face necessary to carry on a secret vendetta for a long time, as some might. She's described as "nice", which Lei-Ling says is actually rather a left-handed compliment here.

Nothing about this appears to add up with the assumption that Lady Sakura cursed Meng Ao, unless she's a Secret Master Of Curses. No clue what the secret was, either, which seems a little weird, but then again, it's the Strand. Wild theory: Inoue Sakura has the Serpent Talisman, and its special power is thwackback against people who reveal your secrets, or maybe against people who try to get your secrets.