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> Lijuan hunts down the last Note Urchin, inviting other urchins to join the lessons as she meets them. She offers to teach them the Leaping Flame style of Kung Fu, which is good for advancing and attacking. Delivering message s takes a lot of advancing, so that's good, right? She demonstrates her Leaping Flame schtick to be extra convincing.

The ability to jump up onto a roof is viewed with great enthusiasm by many of the urchins. Most of them don't have the EPs necessary to buy it, but one of the leaders offers the bargain they'll officially become your Leaping Flame students and call you Master Lijuan if you agree to teach everyone the jumping shtick when they have EPs to buy it.

> She gets 4 successes of teaching using a mind stat, teaching, and leaping flame and requests that the urchins call her "Sensei", not "Master".

> Lijuan invites Master Zhou to come see the urchins she's taught the Leaping Flame style to. She gets 4 successes (+2 skill to the urchin) on her helper roll for the first, and presumably most promising urchin. Then she remembers she can add her yang and gets 6 successes (+3 skill) helping the second most promising urchin.

> She appears willing to continue to roll 5 dice with 5 skill to help each of the urchins she has taught until one of them satisfies Master Zhou.

The first one does, in fact, get three successes on behalf of Master, er, Sensei Lijuan.