Li Merit's Divine Skein

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  • The Divine Skein: Recruit a mook level member of any significant organization you come into contact with. You will be able to contact them for information on the organization's current plans. They won't betray their organization openly, but will feed you information if requested. (Keep a list of who you get.) Freq 3, Power 9.

Apologies for the lack of organization here. This is a data dump of every organization Li Merit has recruited someone from.

The party knows some of this since they've seen Merit recruit a few folks, but Li Merit doesn't bring it up. This page is mostly for GM and Andrew convenience.

  • apothecary guild harbor of fortunate arrival
  • Bamboo villager
  • Beautiful Sea Horse Cavalry Guy
  • Bronze iron keys for hire
  • Chin forest kidnapper road thug.
  • circle of spite when disguised as consumptive peasant
  • Commander Sun guy
  • demon security team, kind of (recruited 1/24 of the whole organization, rather than 1 of 24 individuals)
  • dragons throne bureaucrat school in silver
  • Duke Huang (Fire) puttering in Taiga
  • escaping peasant in wall conversion vignette village of horrible oppressive ness northeast tiaga
  • exalted library
  • Firelord citadel doobie
  • Gate of Shen Puttering near The Real Inspector Fu
  • Green Pagoda (Quan Lo)
  • Hidden City Copper Black Market guy 1 influence
  • Hidden City copper bureaucracy guy 1 influence 1 corruption
  • Hidden City Leg Breakers
  • Home Office puttering before Book 3 Nov 13 run
  • house of judicious increase
  • House of Master of Trade puttering before Book 3 Nov 27 run
  • House of Silent Discretion (hidden city) lass 1 influence
  • House Siew Mook
  • house tokai
  • House zhen courier
  • imperial archives
  • Imperial construction battalion
  • Imperial Treasury Mook
  • Ivory tailor consortium
  • kar fai guy
  • Kubarra acolyte
  • Kuberra money Priest
  • librarian house guard in gold
  • Library REstaurant
  • Liet's House mook
  • master yangs brother cho at journeys end
  • Merit Trading Company puttering after Book3 Nov 27 run
  • Monk of the steadfast heart
  • Municipal architects hidden city copper
  • Northern Arcade dragon army guy
  • Northern arcade levies,
  • Northern Arcade Port customs guy
  • northwestbdragon army doobie
  • Obsidian Warlord guy
  • Olive mumble island water dredging worker
  • opium smuggler in wall vignette
  • Random sage office doobie
  • Recruited Ezokin artist persona sycophant
  • Rich/noble soldier from southwest dragon army
  • se Kong servant
  • Sea Lord mook
  • Steppes Cavalry Dude
  • steppes Dragon army wall guy
  • Tai Lung's bandits
  • Tsai guy in the bandit group
  • warrior of the mountain, roof of the world super loyalist