Lijuan Schtick Repainting Project

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Lijuan chose to develop a Personal Style when she got her first fifth level schtick. In light of her existing schticks, this personal style is named "Living Forest". This page is dedicated to brainstorming Living Forest effects for her current schticks.


Level 1 shticks:

???: ??. Freq 6, Power 1. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Flying Squirrel: 1/run, I can find hand/foot holds, swinging vines, springboards or jumping off points to move to a point up to twice my move away in any distance, including straight up. Freq 1, Power 6. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Windfall Weapon: I can cobble together a bow and usable arrows out of nearly any sort of wood and string. (1/scene). Freq 3, Power 2. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Watchful Hawk: gain +1 die to all Outdoor/Environmental non-attack rolls (Tracking, Foraging, Hunting, etc.). Freq 6, Power 1. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Deer Path: Once per scene, examine tracks on the ground (outdoors) and determine with high confidence what caused them. Freq 3, Power 2. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Pack Leader: If I can meet an animal's eyes, I can spend a Yang to impress upon it that I am the top predator in the vicinity. If it's a pack animal, it might defer to me. (1/scene). Freq 2, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Forest Friend: I have a wounded animal I've been nursing back to health; 1/run, it can do something useful. Freq 2, Power 3. (Major, Self-Taught) Cost: 12

Level 2 shticks:

Pack Mate: Pet dog, trained as a retriever. Can do something useful 1/scene. Freq 3, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 9

Sparrow's Sight: 1/turn, -1 difficulty to bow shot. Freq 4, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 12

Sparrow's Sight: 1/turn, -1 difficulty to bow shot. Freq 4, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 12

???: ??. Freq 6, Power 2. (Major, Taught) Cost: 12

Eagle's Accuracy: +5 skill to bow shots, only to reduce penalties. Freq 6, Power 2. (Major, Taught) Cost: 12

Prophetic Art: That thing Takanata does -- if you want to learn it, ask him. Freq 2, Power 5. (Minor, Taught) Cost: 15

Level 3 shticks:

Swallow's Flight: 1/action, +3 dice to bow shot. Freq 5, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 15

???: ??. Freq 6, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 18

Charging Boar: 1/run, I can keep up with a single target I am chasing. This does not protect me from terrain damage (running through fire) or allow me to fly, but I can move as fast as my target does. This lasts until I catch my target, or stop running. Freq 2, Power 8. (Major, Taught) Cost: 16

Level 4 shticks:

Bramble Patch: 1/combat, I can make an archery roll to "cover" a line of hexes (1 hex per success, with appropriate range penalties based on the closest hex). After that, any enemy who crosses the line takes that roll x3 damage. (Only once per enemy). Freq 3, Power 7.

Falcon's Dive: Double Dice for archery, 1/turn. Freq 4, Power 6. (Major, Taught) Cost: 24

Level 5 shticks:

Crane's Force: x5 damage with bow and arrows, 1/action. Freq 5, Power 6. (Major, Taught) Cost: 30

Total ep cost: 399 (18 left over)