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He's tragically malicious.



He was also one of the Marked and now owns the Red Pagoda on Iron Mountain. This was seen in a vision in the world above. Perhaps winning the Pagoda "delivered" the Mountain for Aku. Madame Qin did a horoscope of a Chang Wuyong, which we're pretty sure is him.


Some shticks:

  • Add his Gambling skill to another skill if it's for a bet
  • Reliability: Putting down some number of 10s
  • The ability to substitute a coin flip if the odds of success exceed some amount
  • Reroll low dice
  • Enforce bet (possible)

Cai Wen's Notes

Cai Wen's notes on Lucky Chang

An Old Buddy Told Li Merit

Lucky Chang started making a name for himself as a gambler about fifteen winters ago. His details before that are sketchy, but indications are that it's the "street urchin of no family" lack of detail rather than the "mysteriously came out of nowhere" background. He started in the Port of Auspicious Voyage; as he ramped up his skill, he started making contacts in the various tongs of the Arcade. He's not officially in a tong, but he definitely pays his respects to them, and doesn't raise a fuss when the house might not be playing fair.

He spent about five winters as a gambler of increasing prowess, then tried his hand as a con man. That got him a bigger stake, as he fleeced several people out of their life savings, but he didn't stay as a plain con man for long; he started to specialize into winning "impossible" bets, usually with a trick of some sort. His con-artisty abilities served him well in the shmoozing and convincing to make the crazy bet; his gambler abilities and a knack for complicated plans (sometimes including picking up specific shticks for the purpose, often at 1/book; there is some speculation that if it is specifically necessary for a planned bet, it counts as in concept for him) worked to have him win the bets. The fight-in-the-flooded-rice-field and the bet for the Red Pagoda are noted examples.

However, his winning of impossible bets tends to leave his bridges burnt behind him; he does not have a lot of close friends, and when he's *not* shmoozing, he can easily offend people. He has a house outside the Port of Auspicious Voyage, but spends most of his time travelling, in search of the bigger and better win.

Yet Another Old Buddy Told Li Merit

Their best guess as to his original identity, though they cannot confirm it definitely:

Chang Wuyong, born to Chang Jie, 33 winters ago (birthday included) in the smallish town of Biancheng, not far from the Port of Auspicious Voyage. Chang Jie was a waitress at a tea house of the ever-increasingly disreputable sort, and there is no known father for Chang Wuyong. Chang Jie died when Chang Wuyong was seven, leaving no money and no relatives nearby to look after her son; the boy was not in Biancheng for much longer than that. Lucky Chang's first appearance in the Port of Auspicious Voyage as a street urchin is a few years later; if he is the same person, it is not known where he was for those two years between (possibly in the Port but doing nothing of particular notice).