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Entoranto Kojima



Entoranto Kojima (Master Koji) is a follower of The Way of Fivefold Essence, and practices a balanced variant of Five Essence Style of sorcerous martial arts. Master Koji travels the world learning from the fighting styles of others: not other elemental martial artists like himself, but those who fight with any weapon or technique. He approaches his tutelage with humility, respecting others for what they can teach him. He re-interprets what he learns and incorporates it into his own unique fighting style, as is the philosophy of the Fivefold Way.

For the past several years, Master Koji has traveled with his student Anto. He knows of the prophecies and omens which indicate that Anto has a destiny, and he will do his best to ensure Anto is prepared to meet that destiny.

Teachable Shticks

Master Koji presumably has other shticks which fill out his tree to be a proper pyramid, which he does not teach. Or he's cheating somehow.

The same set of schticks is available from Master Furuta in the City of Spires.

Level 1 shticks:

  • Fire Utility: Extinguish or strengthen any natural fire smaller than a bread box. Freq 5, Power 1.
  • Earth Utility: In an instant, dig a hole in soft ground as large as a grave. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Metal Utility: Identify a sample of any metal. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Wood Utility: Locate fallen wood in the local area suitable for cooking or trapping. Freq 4, Power 1.
  • Water Utility: Instantly dry off you or another person who is wet. Freq 5, Power 1.
  • Meta I: As part of a sorcerous ritual, you may substitute yourself for the presence of any one of the five elements. Freq 2, Power 3.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Fire Defense: Take half damage from any fire based attack. Freq 3, Power 4.
  • Earth Defense: Raise a wall of earth up (up to Chi successes away, yin hexes long, 1 hex high) if you are on natural ground outdoors. Freq 3, Power 4.
  • Metal Defense: With a single strike to a weapon (+2 difficulty to hit if it is being wielded), strip a small sliver of metal off of any non-magical blade rendering it dull (x1 multiplier). Freq 4, Power 3.
  • Wood Defense: Knock a person sized hole in a single wooden wall. Freq 4, Power 3.
  • Water Defense: Hold your breath for the duration of a scene/combat. Freq 2, Power 6.
  • Meta II: When learning an elemental shtick, you may convert it from one elemental form to another one, if mechanically appropriate. Freq 2, Power 5.

Level 3 shticks:

  • Fire Attack: Raise a wall of fire up (up to Chi successes away, yang hexes long, 1 hex high). Will do x5 damage to anyone who passes through it. Can not be raised in a person or object, or over water. Freq 3, Power 5.
  • Earth Attack: If target is standing on natural ground, have a mound of earth perform a grab attack on a single person. (Make a Yang roll to attack.). Freq 4, Power 4.
  • Metal Attack: With a single strike to a weapon (+2 difficulty to hit if it is being wielded), strip a small sliver of metal off of any non-magical blade rendering it sharp (x4 multiplier for one scene, normal thereafter). Freq 3, Power 6.
  • Wood Attack: Using any wooden staff, make a x4 damage strike by spending a Yang in each round. Freq 4, Power 4.
  • Water Attack: Create a large wave of water that will swamp small boats, force difficult swimming rolls and generally discommode anyone on the water. Freq 4, Power 4.
  • Meta III: When learning a non-elemental shtick, you may convert it to an appropriate elemental form. Freq 2, Power 8.

Level 4 shticks:

  • Meta IV: For the duration of a scene/combat, take double damage from a chosen element, in exchange for being immune to damage from another element (choose both when invoking the shtick). Freq 3, Power 8.

Level 5 shticks:

  • Meta V: Unite the five elements into an impregnable shield against magic/chi/sorcery. Freq 3, Power 9.