Minirun Schedule

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Changing the Wall

Wei Han, Cai Wen
Date: ?

Return of the Son of the Moon

Takanata, Min Feng, Xian, Yanyu
Date: ?

Moving Spiral or Swiftgreen

Anto, Shen-Ji
Date: ?
Kurgan: I can Skype in, but timezones dictate it'll have to be a weekend (or Memorial Day).

Xiao Fa and Shanxi catch up

Xiao Fa
Date: ?

Monkey Cart Quest

Lijuan, Kasumi
Date: ?

We'd prefer to keep runs small (3-4 ideal, 5 in a pinch).

(Runs should happen before June 19)

Derrick's availability:

  • Most M/W/F evenings (and Memorial Day, all day)
  • Most Sundays, all day
  • Saturday, June 8 and 15