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First, a Master for these purposes is someone who has achieved a sufficient level of mastery in their form of combat. That level of mastery involves having at least 5th level schticks, probably higher. Their character class should be something like "Martial Artist" or "Blademaster" or "Kung Fu Master", etc. It's preferable they have some level of teaching experience in their concept. A fifth level "soldier" doesn't count, but a fifth level drill sergeant/trainer of soldiers would probably count. So, not Shen Wei Han, but the people who train Shen Wei Han at Dragon Army garrison. Not Deng Zhi Hao (he's not high enough level), but Master Eto would count. Yoshi doesn't count, because he's not a master of a form of combat, nor is he high enough level. Master Fu and Hwa count.

After studying with the master, then go find a child student to teach those techniques. Use a different child for each of the six forms. After training them to a point that you think they will demonstrate the technique successfully, find Master Zhou.

Make a helper roll for them-- Int with the relevant Weapon skill, or with Martial Arts/Kung Fu/etc., as appropriate, plus any levels of teaching you have. The child gets your successes/2 skill, plus any skill they have in the form. They must get three successes to demonstrate the technique successfully.