Nan Yue

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Nan Yue is the Southernmost of the Five Sacred Peaks of the Empire. It is the shortest of the Five, and is perhaps more accurately described as a tallish hill on the edge of the Tanzhe Plain. It is closely associated with the Spiral Path, and as might be expected, the temple complex at its base is extensive and labyrinthine. Made up of many small temples interconnected with a network of hallways, tunnels, paths, and even several canals, it is under continuous renovation and reworking, as followers of the Spiral Path emphasize the cycle of permanence and evanescence.

The lower slopes of the Nan Yue have probably seen more warfare than any of the other Five Sacred Peaks, and are littered with the relics of long forgotten battles. The remnants of hastily erected fortresses are scattered among the ruins of castles that likely stood for decades before falling to sieges.