New Rivers

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An area of the Savanna of Tears near the border of the Jade Taiga and the Strand.

Xiao Fa was named the new Monk Xiao Fa by the old Monk Xiao Fa in Travelling with the Butterfly Prince: Part I, who, instead of succumbing to his wounds, went back to the Roof of the World to report on Xiao Fa's progress. They had something of a problem with Magpie Pox at the time.

Later, in Recondite Tributaries, they were overrun by a few armies fighting over the area.

Xiao Fa thinks there are four points of "wounds" that need to be fixed, two in infrastructure damage and 2 in resource damage.

Li Merit created a Widows and Orphans Fund to help build a monetary base to help out the region. Xiao Fa is tring to secure the help of his order, the Meihua Sannong, in succoring the region's wounds.