Persons of Interest for Matchmaking

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The To Do List

Who Where M/F Aspect Notes
Lord Yu Bear Mountain M Crane Needs political strengthening
Son of the Moon M He needs a strong "sun-like" woman. Phoenix aspect with weird-shit and power would be good. A cinderella type could also work as a long-shot.

Other Eligible Folks of Note

Who Where M/F Aspect Notes
Yue Ping Qin Chao Steppes F Butterfly Very loyal to the Steppes. She could do well with Lord Yu
Viridian Princess #1 The Strand F Serpent She'll probably be named heir, so she need to get married to someone who will live in The Strand with her.
Viridian Princess #2 The Strand F Tortoise The best personality match for Lord Yu, but would be the most likely to be seen as an outsider in Bear Mountain
Ho Tan's sister Jade Taiga F Fox Politically savvy, probably has her own agenda