Persons of Interest for Matchmaking

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The To Do List

Who Where M/F Aspect Notes
Lord Yu Bear Mountain M Crane Needs political strengthening
Son of the Moon M He needs a strong "sun-like" woman. Phoenix aspect with weird-shit and power would be good. A cinderella type could also work as a long-shot.

Other Eligible Folks of Note

Who Where M/F Aspect Notes
Yue Ping Qin Chao Steppes F Butterfly Very loyal to the Steppes. She could do well with Lord Yu
Viridian Princess #1 The Strand F Serpent She'll probably be named heir, so she need to get married to someone who will live in The Strand with her.
Viridian Princess #2 The Strand F Tortoise The best personality match for Lord Yu, but would be the most likely to be seen as an outsider in Bear Mountain
Ho Tan's sister Jade Taiga F Fox Politically savvy, probably has her own agenda
Lady Dewu Jade Taiga F Butterfly
Lord Hawk Western Kingdoms M Dog Marriage is something he wants some day. If he gets restored as the rightful King of the Roof of the World he'll obviously need to marry and produce an heir.
Captain Xie Costal Kingdoms M  ? He told the party he was a descendant of the Moon. Need to confirm he is unmarried & check his aspect.